Speaker profiles

Prof. Dr. Elmer Sterken

Rector Magnificus of University of Groningen

Elmer Sterken received his bachelor degree (with honors) and his PhD at the University of Groningen in 1983 and 1990, respectively. Prof. Dr. Sterken has been closely associated with the University of Groningen, where he has been Professor of Monetary Economics and was later appointed Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business. He is currently a member of the executive board of the Stichting Academische Opleidingen Groningen (AOG Foundation) and the Energy Delta Institute of the Raad voor de Bedrijfsvoering Facilitair Bedrijf (University Services Department Management Council) of the University of Groningen. Prof. Dr. Sterken is also the Chair of the National Committee of Deans for Economics and Business.

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Prof. Dr. Ronald Dekker, PhD

Researcher at Philips and Professor at the Delft University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Dekker works at the Institute for Microelectronics and Submicron Technology at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at the TU Delft. His main interest is the ‘living chip project’ which aims at fitting stretchable microchips with living cells allowing a functional co-integration of silicon based IC technologies and living cells. As a result, a number of parameters, such as pressure, temperature or conductivity can be measured. Possible applications include drug screening devices, implantable energy sources and actuated catheters. (text adapted from HUTAC.com)

Prof. Dr. Dekker graduated in Electrical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 1988 and later received his PhD (with honors) at the TU Delft in 2004. He was appointed Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science since 2007.

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Prof. Dr. Peter M. Lansdorp

Professor at the University of British Columbia (Canada) and head of ERIBA institute (European Research Institute for Biology of Aging) in Groningen

Prof. Dr. Lansdorp is currently is a distinguished scientist at the Terry Fox Laboratory and a Professor in the Division of Hematology at the Department of Medicine of the University of British Columbia. He was recently appointed as the first Scientific Director of the European Research Institute on the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA). During his work in the Terry Fox Laboratory at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver, he established a laboratory for studying telomere-related biology. Prof. Dr. Lansdorp's other research interests are also related to the possibility that gene expression and cell fate is regulated in part by chromatin differences between sister chromatids as predicted by the “silent sister” hypothesis. He was recently awarded with a €2.5 million Advanced Grant by the European Research Council for his research project on the role of telomeres and stem cells in ageing.

Prof. Dr. Lansdorp gained his MD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1976 and his PhD in Immunology and Experimental Hematology from the University of Amsterdam in 1985.

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Dr. Nick den Hollander

Program Manager at NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)

Dr. den Hollander received his PhD from University of Wageningen in 2005. After graduation, he worked as a policy officer in VSNU, the overarching association of the 14 Dutch universities. Currently he holds a position as Program Manager at NWO, working on the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme (VI), which includes well-known talent schemes such as Rubicon and Veni, Vidi, Vici).

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Prof. Dr. Jan Raaijmakers

Vice-President of External Scientific Collaborations at GlaxoSmithKline Europe

Prof. Dr. Jan Raaijmakers has been professor in Pharmaceutical Technology Assessment at Utrecht University since 1998 and is connected to the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology within the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In addition, he holds the position of vice president external scientific collaborations within GlaxoSmithKline Europe. Within this company he has held a number of positions, among others that of Medical Director, Director Science and Business Development and Commercial Director (responsible for various disease areas within the portfolio of GSK). He is ambassador for innovation, and supporter of collaborations between the academic world, industry and government (i.e. public private partnerships). His areas of interest include: the field of tension between innovative industry and government, and accessibility of drugs in general and more specific in the developing world. (text adapted from biobusinessevent.nl)

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Dr. Lex Hoogduin

Chief Economist/Director IRIS/Professor of Monetary Economics and Financial Institutions at Robeco

Prof. Dr. Lex Hoogduin is currently a full professor at the University of Amsterdam in Monetary Economics and Financial Institutions. He graduated from the program General Economics at the University of Groningen, where he obtained his PhD in Economical Sciences as well. Next to his academic work as professor, Prof. Dr. Hoogduin has been chief economist of the Robeco Group, and has had many management functions at "De Nederlandsche Bank" (DNB), which operates as an independent central bank and supervisor to ensure price stability and balanced macroeconomic development in Europe (together with the other central banks of the Eurosystem). Among other functions, he has been Division Director of Research, and was appointed Executive Director in 2008. He was the personal advisor of Wim Duisenberg, who was the first president of the European Central Bank. In this function he played a key role in the establishment of the Euro, the official currency of the eurozone .

Prof. Dr. Kees Hummelen

Kees Hummelen (PhD University of Groningen) has been professor in the Chemistry of Molecular and Biomolecular Materials at the University of Groningen since 2000, and is scientific director of Solenne BV.

Hummelen is well known for his research on the development of plastic solar cells. In 2011, Hummelen's research group obtained a prestigious grant from the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM). In the same year, Hummelen ranked 7th in The Times Higher Education Top-100 materials scientists.

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Bob Hoomans

R&D Recruiter, DSM

Bob Hoomans is a Dutch native who studied Chemical Engineering at Twente University. He continued his career with a PhD project that was hosted by the Chemical Engineering Science group of professors Kuipers and van Swaaij and the molecular simulation group of professor Briels. In 1999 he joined DSM Research in Geleen as a CFD expert doing projects for various DSM businesses. In 2005 he moved to the Materials Science Center in Geleen where he worked on projects on polymer processing and later on as a team leader in Technical Operations. In 2011 he became a recruiter for DSM R&D in Geleen.

Anneke Toxopeus

International Service Desk of the University of Groningen

Anneke Toxopeus and Marco van der Vinne are working at the International Service Desk of the University of Groningen.

We are specialized in Dutch immigration law. Together with our colleagues, we are responsible for the visa and residence permit applications of all prospective and current international students, PhD students, guest researchers and staff of the University of Groningen. We advise and inform our guests also about future residence permits (after graduation).

Moreover, the ISD assists and informs all international guests of the university on matters relating to studying and working at the University of Groningen. The ISD provides practical information about insurances, medical care, housing, university facilities, or any other aspect of daily life. We also refer our guests to expert companies, regarding taxes and social security.

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