Prof. Dr. Peter M. Lansdorp

Peter Lansdorp

Professor at the University of British Columbia (Canada) and head of ERIBA institute (European Research Institute for Biology of Aging) in Groningen

Prof. Dr. Lansdorp is currently is a distinguished scientist at the Terry Fox Laboratory and a Professor in the Division of Hematology at the Department of Medicine of the University of British Columbia. He was recently appointed as the first Scientific Director of the European Research Institute on the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA). During his work in the Terry Fox Laboratory at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver, he established a laboratory for studying telomere-related biology. Prof. Dr. Lansdorp's other research interests are also related to the possibility that gene expression and cell fate is regulated in part by chromatin differences between sister chromatids as predicted by the “silent sister” hypothesis. He was recently awarded with a €2.5 million Advanced Grant by the European Research Council for his research project on the role of telomeres and stem cells in ageing.

Prof. Dr. Lansdorp gained his MD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1976 and his PhD in Immunology and Experimental Hematology from the University of Amsterdam in 1985.

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