Christiane Barranguet PhD

Executive Publisher Aquatic and Green Sciences

STM Journals, Physical Sciences II, Elsevier

Christiane studied oceanography in Uruguay where she completed her MSc at the Universidad de la República. Subsequently, she was awarded a grant from the French Minister of Education and moved to Marseille, where she completed a DEA and a PhD in Oceanography (1994).

After graduation, Christiane worked at the two major institutes for marine research in the Netherlands (NIOO and NIOZ) as a post Doc, and later on at the University of Amsterdam, where besides her research work she mentored MSc, PhD and Post-doctoral students. Christiane has published 30 scientific publications in international journals.

In 2004 she left Academia to manage the Aquatic Sciences portfolio at Elsevier as Publishing Editor, being promoted to Publisher in 2006. Presently, she occupies the position of Executive Publisher, shaping the publication policy of the Aquatic and Green Sciences journal portfolios, comprising over 40 international scientific journals. Her role includes the development of information solutions around water research and technology including scientific conferences, new products and journal launching. Christiane has been able to form and manage successful partnerships with academia, industry, NGO’s and stakeholders in the field of water research.

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