Geert Greving

Head Public Affairs and Regulations at GasTerra

Geert Greving studied Electronics on the Poly Technical School in the Netherlands. During the period 1970 till 1976 he studied on the Technical University not only graduated on Electronics, but above all on Business Administration.

Since 1981 he start working within the Gasunie organization as feasibility project manager for technical projects. During his management career within Gasunie he was not only in depth involved in running technical departments, but was also appointed as EDP manager and furthermore as Human resource manager for this integrated natural gas company.

During this internal activities within the N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie he was positioned as business developer for the Central European region and is furthermore involved into advisory duties for the WorldBank, EIB in Luxembourg, EBRD in London and the UN-gascentre - Geneva, where he is a member of the advisory board.

Since 2005 he joins the trading company GasTerra B.V. in the field of business development purchase projects. His present function within the GasTerra B.V. formation is Head Public Affairs and Regulations, besides guiding the Governmental links towards: Russia, Algeria and Qatar.

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