Prof. Dr. Jan Raaijmakers

Vice-President of External Scientific Collaborations at GlaxoSmithKline Europe

Prof. Dr. Jan Raaijmakers has been professor in Pharmaceutical Technology Assessment at Utrecht University since 1998 and is connected to the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology within the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In addition, he holds the position of vice president external scientific collaborations within GlaxoSmithKline Europe. Within this company he has held a number of positions, among others that of Medical Director, Director Science and Business Development and Commercial Director (responsible for various disease areas within the portfolio of GSK). He is ambassador for innovation, and supporter of collaborations between the academic world, industry and government (i.e. public private partnerships). His areas of interest include: the field of tension between innovative industry and government, and accessibility of drugs in general and more specific in the developing world. (text adapted from

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