Bert Groothuis

Bert graduated in 1988 at University Groningen, the Netherlands, on the topic of biomedical polymer implants of Polylactic acid, with Prof. A.J. Pennings.

He was a research scientist with General Electric, at GE Plastics’ research centers in Bergen op Zoom and Mt. Vernon, IN, USA. from 1988 – 2004. He then joined the Marketing department of GE Plastics as global market and business development manager with experience in the launch of new initiatives and product innovations for the telecoms-, electronics-, building and solar industries.

In 2009 he moved to Riyadh where he was involved in the globalization initiative and restructuring of SABIC, ex-DSM, ex-GE Plastics as Global Change Management Leader.

In 2010 he joined the newly erected Corporate Sustainability Organization at SABIC, responsible for environmental strategy development and execution, reduction of SABICs operational footprint and translating the evolving needs of customers into product development priorities and supporting development of green solutions.

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