Daphne Thijssen

Daphne Thijssen-Timmer

Project Leader Cellular Therapies, Sanquin

Daphne Thijssen-Timmer graduated in Medical Biology and obtained her PhD in the field of Endocrinology at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam. In 2004 she moved to Sanquin where she participated as a Post-doc in the European Framework Program ‘Bloodomics” on the cell biology of megakaryocytes and platelets, in particular on the discovery of new proteins. Currently she supervises a research group working on megakaryocyte biology at the Department of Hematopoiesis of Sanquin. In addition she became project leader in the Laboratory for Stem Cell Transplantation to work on the generation of novel cell therapy products. In this position she has started several new projects with academic and commercial partners. Among her daily activities are the coordination of translational research and taking care of regulatory affairs

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