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Jan Blauw

I am a second-year PhD student (AIO) in one of the ‘Censorship of History’ research projects that are spearheaded by University of Groningen based historian Antoon de Baets. Exploring case studies from democracies as diverse as India, the Netherlands and the US, my project investigates the often blurry lines between legitimate political control of content in public education on history and excessively political interference with the content of history textbooks.

I am a former history student at this very university and have worked for a decade as a news editor/reporter for its independent newspaper UK. In May 2011 I was elected a member of the University Council for a two year term. I am also an external advisor to the board of the Groningen Graduate Interest Network GRIN, a university wide PhD platform that seeks to address all kinds of problems that PhD’s run into.

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