Prof. Dr. Elmer Sterken

Elmer Sterken

Rector Magnificus of University of Groningen

Elmer Sterken received his bachelor degree (with honors) and his PhD at the University of Groningen in 1983 and 1990, respectively. Prof. Dr. Sterken has been closely associated with the University of Groningen, where he has been Professor of Monetary Economics and was later appointed Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business. He is currently a member of the executive board of the Stichting Academische Opleidingen Groningen (AOG Foundation) and the Energy Delta Institute of the Raad voor de Bedrijfsvoering Facilitair Bedrijf (University Services Department Management Council) of the University of Groningen. Prof. Dr. Sterken is also the Chair of the National Committee of Deans for Economics and Business.

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