The program of the PhD Day is packed with inspirational lectures and workshops on academic careers, entrepreneurship and research boosting activities besides and beyond your PhD.

This event offers widely appealing plenary sessions by our keynote speakers, but also allows you to customize your PhD Day experience by choosing the most exciting talks and workshops during the parallel sessions. Instead of attending the parallel sessions you can also visit the company fair, where you can meet interesting companies and organizations and perhaps anticipate on the next stage of your career!

NOTE: programs will be updated soon, changes may occur!


Discover L’Oréal Research & Innovation.

Leraarschap en leiderschap: maak kennis met Eerst de Klas en het Onderwijstraineeship.
The "CPI advantages" in a nutshell
Thesis Layout: Do it yourself or outsource?

Becoming an entrepreneur.
What does printing a thesis entail?

sessie 1 - 11:30-12:15

Discover L’Oréal Research & Innovation
- L'Oréal

Description:  Founded by a chemist in 1907, L’Oréal was born from Research. Since then, L’Oréal continues to make major investments in Research and Innovation. L’Oréal's R&I employs 4,009 people of approximately 60 nationalities. Working in some thirty disciplines, (such as Chemistry, biology, physics, physic-chemistry, biotechnologies, toxicology, genetic, pharmacy, cosmetic formulation…) more than half of these employees are doctors or engineers, and they are responsible for over 624 patents filed in 2013. L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation is divided into 4 main branches: advanced research (developing knowledge in the major scientific fields related to L’Oréal’s business and the creation of predictive evaluation models), applied research (creating formulae and developing new product concepts), development (developing new formulae for providing the brands with safe, innovatory products) and support functions (regulatory affairs, patents, customer surveys, etc.).

Join the workshop and learn more about L’Oréal R&I!

- Gildeprint

Gildeprint has printed theses for over 30 years for PhD students from all over the country and is providing an InDesign workshop for anyone who will eventually graduate.  An informative workshop about:
- Making a grid
- Import text & change fonts
- Create masterpages
- Making a pdf file
- Tips & tricks

sessie 2 - 14:00-15:30

Leraarschap en leiderschap: maak kennis met Eerst de Klas en het Onderwijstraineeship
- Eerst de Klas & Onderwijstraineeship

Maak jij het verschil als docent in het voortgezet onderwijs? Ben je een sociaal sterke en maatschappelijk betrokken academicus en wil je bijdragen aan het onderwijs in Nederland? Laat je uitdagen door Eerst de Klas of het Onderwijstraineeship. Deze tweejarige programma’s zijn een initiatief  van het ministerie van OCW en  bieden de unieke combinatie van een betaalde baan als leraar in het VO, een opleiding tot eerstegraads docent en een ontwikkelingsprogramma op maat. Eerst de Klas en het Onderwijstraineeship kwamen samen met partners uit het onderwijsveld en het bedrijfsleven tot stand. Dat betekent: twee doordachte leerwerktrajecten, met elk een betekenisvolle, duurzame bijdrage aan het onderwijs van de toekomst. Meer weten over de overeenkomsten, verschillen en selectiecriteria? Kom dan naar deze workshop! Kijk alvast op en .

The "CPI advantages" in a nutshell

De ‘CPI voordelen’ op een rij;
CPI Wöhrmann is gespecialiseerd in boeken in oplages van 1 tot 1000 ex.
Wij zijn de proefschriften specialist en dat heeft een aantal voordelen zoals:

- Verassend lage prijzen
- Groepskorting voor promovendi (binnen circa 1,5 jaar tijd)
- Korte levertijd (maximaal 10 werkdagen)
- U bepaalt zelf hoeveel en waar u uw kleurpagina’s wilt
- Voor een kleine meerprijs één (of meer) hard gebonden exemplaren van uw proefschrift
- Voor een kleine meerprijs worden uw proefschriften genaaid
- Gratis uitnodigingen en stellingenbladen (met vermelding CPI Koninklijke Wöhrmann)
- Wij leveren precies het aantal bestelde proefschriften (dus geen onder- of over leveringen)

Wij communiceren ook in Engels en Duits.

Thesis Layout: Do it yourself or outsource?
- Ben Riezouw, Ridderprint BV

Every candidate wishes to crown their years of hard work with a good thesis that conveys professionalism. It's a bit of a business card for the rest of your career. After attending the workshop you would know the best choice for you. Do the Lay-out yourself or outsource it? The pros and cons of both choices are discussed. And of course what to take into account when choosing one or the other. This workshop is relevant to anyone in the last two years of the their PhD program.

sessie 3 - 16:00-16:45

Becoming an entrepreneur
- Healthy Ageing Campus

Starting a company requires many different skills and activities. Although intrinsic motivation and dedication are essential ingredients for success, a solid idea is the foundation of any successful company. Triade Group and the Business Generator Groningen are allies of the RuG and UMCG that will help you transform your innovative idea into a successful company. During the workshop, we will provide insight into the methods and tools we use to cover the most important aspects of entrepreneurship, e.g. strategy development, business planning, organizational structuring, financial evaluations, IP protection and fundraising. Join this workshop if you are considering to become an entrepreneur and want to be inspired by the available support of Triade Group and the Business Generator Groningen.

What does printing a thesis entail?
- Ipskamp

During this presentation all ins and outs regarding the printing & layouting of your thesis are being discussed. We will show samples of printed theses, types of paper, explain how to prepare your layout, colour management, the cover of your thesis, pdf making, the printing procedure etc. So if you want to learn everything there`s to know about the printing and layouting of your thesis simply drop by and attend our presentation!

If you want to take the interaction with companies of your interest one step further, you can partake in the speed date sessions. These 1-on-1 sessions of 15 min each not only give you the opportunity to ask anything you want to know about the company, but also to present yourself as a possible future employee. The companies available for the speed date sessions are:

- Campus (Healthy Ageing Campus): UMCG/RuG service providers for start-up / spin-off business incubation and acceleration;
- Lode (Healthy Ageing Campus): Developer, manufacturer and distributor of ergometers and ergometry software and other medical devices and IT solutions;
- Ofichem (Healthy Ageing Campus): Developer, manufacturer and distributor of active pharmaceutical ingredients for human and veterinary markets;
- PolyVation/InnoCore (Healthy Ageing Campus): Polymer-related innovation and customized/contracted (cGMP) manufacturing organization for on-spec specialty polymers for e.g. drug delivery;
- Syncom (Healthy Ageing Campus): Contract research organization in organic chemistry;
- L’Oréal Research & Innovation: Innovative high-performing cosmetics company;
- Synthon: Pharmaceutical company specialized in biopharmaceutics and generics;
- ASML: High-tech chip manufacturer;
- Shell: Global group of energy and petrochemicals companies;
- Ridderprint: Printer, for 1-on-1 advice on printing your thesis;
- Netzodruk: Printer, for 1-on-1 advice on printing your thesis.