The lectures are divided over five sessions: Groningen Inspires, Industry, Academia, Government, and Besides and Beyond your PhD. The lectures are meant to inspire and help you with the choices you have yet to make in your future career. The speakers focus on aspects like decision making, planning, benefits of having a PhD, important skills; all within the framework of their own background.

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Marnix Bügel
Bert Bulder
Wim Dokter
Douwe Draaisma

Dr. Marnix Bügel

Dr. Bert Bulder

Dr. Wim Dokter

Prof. dr. D. Draaisma
Keynote Lecture

Remco Kuipers
Ingrid Molema
Bart Noordam
J.W. Romeijn

Dr. Remko Kuipers
Session 1

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Molema

Prof. Dr. Bart Noordam
Session 2b Academia

Prof. Dr. Jan-Willem Romeijn
Session 1

Lieve Schreie
Herman Visser
Ton Vries
Christian Zuidema

Lieven Scheire
Keynote lecture

Hermen Visser, MSc
Session 3a

Dr. Ton Vries
Session 2a Industry

Dr. Christian Zuidema
Making your presentations and lectures more fun

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