Open Activities

Company Fair

The following companies will be present at the fair:

Location: Fountainplein

CV Check

For CV check, please bring your CV to get exclusive opportunity to get feedback from experts.

Location: Fountainplein

Company Speed Dating

Location: Fountainplein
Please only register to one speed date slot.
Please make sure that you are free during the speed dates and not registered in parallel workshops and lectures.

Research Data Office

The Research Data Office from the RUG and the Central Medical Library offer speeddates on the following subjects:

  • How to manage your research data, including: Data Management Plans, setting up databases, storing research data safely and sharing them to fellow researchers, specifically how to publish data with an article in PLoS ONE.
  • How to gather data using apps and finding existing datasets and resources for (open) data.
  • How to visualize research data.
  • How to develop a publication strategy considering open access publishing, journal rankings and citations and how to finance open access publications.
  • What can you do to retain your copyright.
  • How to use Pure for managing your online profile, publications and CV.
  • How to develop a search strategy, set up notifications for new publications.
  • How to use library tools like Browzine, Refworks, BiBTex.
  • How to use specific databases and resources. A few examples:
  • Medicine: PubMed, Embase, UpToDate, etc.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical: SciFinder, Reaxis, etc.
  • Company data: Orbis, Bankscope, WRDS, etc.
  • Statistics: Statline, Eurostat, etc.
  • Science and technology: IEEE explore, Web of Science, etc.
  • And many more.
  • Specific for UMCG: What exactly is the Clinical Research Toolbox, how to use UMCG Research Register and what services has the CMB (Central Medical Library) on offer for UMCG PhDs (access resources, apps, individual help etc.)

Please send an email containing your full name, speed date slot and topic(s) of interest to

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Gupta Strategists


Bent een creatieve denker en kan ideeën onderbouwen met kwantitatieve analyses. Je wordt enthousiast van een “onuitvoerbare” opdracht, omdat deze je uitdaagt en je verbeeldingskracht op de proef stelt. Werken in een inspirerend team haalt het beste in je naar boven. Bovendien wil je bouwen aan de gezondheidszorg van de toekomst.


Zijn een strategisch adviesbureau dat zich volledig richt op de gezondheidszorg. We hebben een leidende positie in deze niche en groeien snel. De inhoud staat op de eerste plaats bij alles wat we doen. Dit zien onze klanten terug in creatieve oplossingen, gefundeerd door stevige analyses. Ons team bestaat uit een mix van talentvolle starters en ervaren consultants.

Onze klanten

En hun uitdagingen zijn het allerbelangrijkst. Ze komen uit de hele zorgsector en werken in een snel veranderend speelveld. Zorgverzekeraars eisen van aanbieders meetbare kwaliteit, patiënten willen goede zorg kunnen uitkiezen en de overheid moet deze zorg betaalbaar houden.

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Healthy Ageing

The Healthy Ageing Campus is located on and around the University Medical Centre Groningen, on the east side of the city centre in Groningen. It covers an area of around 30 hectares that is the beating heart of the theme Healthy Ageing.

The Campus is an inspiring ecosystem with excellent researchers and entrepreneurs that work together with governments on innovative Medical Technology & Devices, special Molecules & Materials, and Developing, Testing and (Bio)Analyzing new Pharmaceuticals.

Join the speed-dates and find out more on your professional opportunity with Healthy Aging.

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Johnson & Johnson

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson are dedicated to addressing and solving some of the most important unmet medical needs of our time in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Within Janssen talented, entrepreneurial people are working in a dynamic culture in which innovation and a 'can do' state of mind are the central points.

To combat and prevent infectious diseases Janssen has R&D facilities in Leiden (formerly known as Crucell) that focus on the discovery and development of vaccines using the PER.C6Æ cell line. Our relentless efforts in researching innovative vaccines make us a top-5 pharmaceutical R&D company, both in the Netherlands and worldwide.

The Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines R&D organization and the Janssen Prevention Center employ around 700 people in The Netherlands.

Together, we dream of a world where people live longer, happier lives in good health, and we are determined to help make that dream a reality.

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Professional Picture

A passport picture is not a good representation of young professionals. Have a nice picture that reflects your personality for only €5 by simply signing up for a photo session with a professional photographer.

For this picture session, we ask you to prepare € 5 in cash to give to the photographer directly.

Location: Lokaal 7