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PhD to Data Science

In 2012, Harvard Business Review called the data scientist as "the sexiest job of the 21st century". Want to find out why? Come to this panel discussion! Data science is extracting interesting information from any kind of data, be it from genomics or high-energy physic, stock market or government.

We bring together leading data scientists from diverse backgrounds to share their stories of 'PhD to data scientist'. They will showcase how data science has a huge potential for PhDs not only from computer science, but all other backgrounds. We will discuss interesting challenges as well as opportunities and jobs in data science.

Panel members:
Sander Timmer (Consultant big data, Microsoft)
Jeroen Janssens (Data science consultant and trainer)
Lude Franke (Associate professor, University of Groningen)
Marie-JosÈ Bonthuis (Legal advisor, data protection officer, LifeLines)

Location: Blauwe Zaal