Patents: A nuisance or an opportunity
Prof. dr. Marc van der Maarel

Albert Einstein is probably best remembered as a theoretical physicist who formulated one of the most important scientific theories of all times, the theory of relativity. But Einstein was also an inventor who filed over 50 patent applications including one on a refrigerator and one on an automatic camera. There are many misconceptions about patents: patents make you rich, prevent you from publishing, are cumbersome, are only for big companies etc. Some of these are true while some are nonsense. Patents are one of the forms of intellectual property, or IP, and can help you find new research funding, start a business, and even sometimes lead to real life products. In this lecture I will explain the procedure on filing a patent, the university policy on patents and how to find and read a patent. I will also share my experience and some of my frustrations with patenting.

Location: Lokaal 10