For the PhD Day 2018, we decided to completely revolutionize the format of the dinner! After the closing ceremony an indoor mini-festival will take place in the Grote Foyer of De Oosterpoort. Dancers, actors and musicians will perform throughout the whole evening, while food and drinks will be available at stands placed around the foyer, just like a real festival!

When you register you will also be able to buy a dinner coupon (which will be provided on the day itself), which includes 3 food items and 2 drinks for a total discounted price of 20€. With the coupon you will also be able to skip the lines to pay and directly get your food or drink. The chef of De Oosterpoort will provide a diverse and rich menu, which you can see below:

  • Falafel on a pita bread served with mushrooms, bulghur salad and lime-coriander sauce
  • Vegetarian pizza slice
  • Indian chickpeas curry with basmati rice and naan bread
  • Grilled polenta served with warm cheddar and turkish bread
  • Tarte flambée with cream-cheese, onion, Gruyere, sun-dried tomatoes and rocket salad

All items will be available individually for the price of 5.50€. Drinks (wine, sodas, beer) will be available for a price of 2.50-3€. The entire menu is vegetarian, as part of our initiative to make the PhD Day 2018 a sustainable event!