Prof. Vincent Icke

Our Voronoi Universe

Vincent Icke is Professor of Theoretical Astronomy at the Leiden University and Professor of Cosmology at the University of Amsterdam. He is well known for his efforts to translate the complexity of science for the public, as guest in TV programs and through his numerous science books and articles in newspapers and magazines. Besides his activities as a scientist, he is also a visual artist and was guest lecturer at the art academies in Amsterdam and Den Haag.

In 2010, he won the triennial Willem de Graaff Award for his contributions to the popularization of astronomy science and in 2011 he was appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion for his extraordinary achievements and efforts in science and its popularization, for his works of art and his efforts for the preservation of the Leiden observatory.

In his most recent book “Reisbureau Einstein” (translated “Einstein’s Travel Agency”) he explores, from a scientific point of view, a place beyond most people’s imagination: space and its inhabitants. What will we find when we we will be able to travel through space? Is there life on other planets?

In his keynote lecture he will tell us more about his (scientific) journey through space, and the characteristics that enable people to advance science.

Join his lecture and and travel with your imagination to discover the unknown!

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