Keep your Light ON!

Are you interested in organizing the PhD Day in 2020? Visit this page!

Remember that you may get 1 ECT for your participation and that the cost of the ticket may be refunded by your research department 😉


The PhD Day is a day for all PhD students from all fields and nationalities, although master and postdoc students are of course more than welcome as well. We, PhD students too, aim to create a special day in which PhD students can learn and develop academically and personally. We have organized a great day with keynote lectures, panel discussion, workshops, a career fair and a festival and dinner to experience together with hundreds of like-minded PhD students.

This is not another academic conference, this is our day. 

This year we want to highlight the importance of the physical and mental well-being of PhD students. Therefore, our motto is: “Keep your light on”, and it is an invitation to stay motivated and engaged in our PhDs and life.

By being conscious of ourselves, the human being behind the PhD student, and by creating a safe, tolerant and enriched social environment, we can become happy and successful researchers.

We are not just our PhD research, we are so much more 🙂

Keynote lectures by:

  • Dr. Heleen de Coninck– Environmental Science department at the Faculty of Science at Radboud University. In her lecture, Dr. De Coninck will address the challenging societal and environmental problem of CLIMATE CHANGE. 

Poster Heleen de Coninck

  • Prof. Dr. Ad Vingerhoets– Professor of Clinical Psychology at Tilburg University. Prof. Dr. Vingerhoets will share his knowledge about the understanding of HUMAN CRYING.

Final poster Ad Vingerhoets


Panel Discussion – ¨The PhD Odyssey¨

This year we have organized a Panel Discussion -¨The PhD Odyssey¨.  During this interactive talk, four professionals from different disciplines, who have gone through the PhD odyssey and continued their careers through different paths will discuss their journeys.

Examples of questions for the discussants;

¨Did you always have a clear view on the path you wanted to follow after your PhD?

Are there things in your career which you would have done differently?  

Discussants will be eager to answer your questions. Come and participate. 

Our discussants: 

Romana Schirhagl

Dr. Romana Schirhagl – Biomedical Engineering

Linda Steg

Prof. Dr. Linda Steg – Environmental Psychology

Klaas Knot

Prof. Dr. Klaas Knot – Economics

Dr. Marc Raupach – Computational Chemistry & Software development

After the closing ceremony, everyone will be welcome to stay at De Oosterpoort, where an evening festival will take place, co-organized with ¨Clash Festival¨and ¨Here & Now Groningen¨. There will be food, drinks, art performances, music and more. 


PhD Day is made possible by the generous help from our sponsors: